Health at the Table
For years the term "Mediterranean diet" is mentioned every time we talk about power.
It is probably the most complete and comprehensive response to the food needs of human beings.
We talk about the Mediterranean diet indicating a way of eating, to be exact, it refers to alimentarei habits of the peoples of the Mediterranean basin and thus also of central-southern Italy.
The basis for this power is a proper balance between carbohydrates, minerals, fiber and vitamins, as to be proposed by at least twenty years as a food model ideal.
One of the core components of Mediterranean diet is olive oil.
Some scientific research carried out in recent years have highlighted a number of beneficial effects of this food, in fact, his rational consumption reduces total cholesterol, but also increases the HDL fraction, the positive acting as a scavenger of the arteries, and reduces LDL fraction, thus enabling the prevention of atherosclerosis.
Furthermore, the high content of natural antioxidants such as polyphenols and tocopherols (vitamin E), present mainly in the oil extra virgin olive oil give greater stability by limiting the formation of dangerous peroxides and free radicals.

These antioxidants also seems to play a protective function of our body than the onset of some cancers.

And 'recommended to promote good function of the biliary tract, to prevent stones and enhance the emulsification and thus the digestibility of fats.

Finally, contrary to some advertising of seed oils wants to believe, olive oil is best for cooking because it is very stable at high temperatures, is thus the most suitable for frying.
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