The process

The extra virgin olive oil of Oleificio Cooperativo of Ostuni is produced by olives cultivated exclusively in the Ostuni Municipality and some neighbouring territories.
Our product is 100% ITALIAN, made in Italy, according the Reg. CE 1019/02; our producer code is BR/017.
The ancient stages of harvesting, milling and extraction of extra virgin olive oil gave way to new technologies, guaranteeing the good taste and healthy effects of a good and natural product.
The harvesting of olives by hand, in some places still used, gave way to mechanical beating. The traditional stone grinder of the characteristic hypogeal oil mill has been substituted with modern plants of extraction to give life to a higher quality of oil.
After the harvesting, olives are brought to the oil mill where the processing phases take place within 36 hours of their arrival.
After the early stages; visual control and sampling of fruits to verify the quality, the washing and the defoliation; the olive's processing continues until they are crushed.
During crushing the fruit is broken, so the olive stone is eliminated and an olive mould is formed from which the oil is extracted.
Then the oil is decanted, bottle and sold at the shop next to the processing place.
A short chain, from the producer to the user, guarantees our customers the reliability and quality of a healthy product.
When you visit our plants you will discover the commitment, the effort and the care that are needed to offer to the market an healthy and quality product, like our extra virgin olive oil.
Modern day techniques and systems of producing allow us, with the same old passion, to produce a high quality oil.
A modern production chain enable us to follow a monitor, step by step, every single phase of the process transformation of olives, from harvesting to bottle.
The selection is fast, but at the same time it is careful and meticulous.
Only the best olives end up in the harvesting tank. Cultivated with love form our producers.
The transformation process follows a careful process of cleaning and washing, performed with high quality machines.
So now we have a paste whose freshness without impurities comes from the pressing process.
A modern centrifugal extractor complete the transformation cycle, ensuring the final product: an oil of particular taste, ready to be bottled.
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