Turismolio ... dall'Olivo all'Olio
The increasing attention to the extra virgin olive oil quality, certainty to the land-related products and nutritional and health aspects of products that we carry on our table, by requiring producers greater transparency to customers.

If we add the passion of local growers, the beauty and fragrance of the territory of Puglia, here it comes out an exciting and culturally endearing way that visitors to touch the actual production of our cooperative.

The focus on the younger generation, the curiosity of many tourists who visit the White City of Ostuni and the strong attraction aroused by secular olive trees that live in this land, are the stimuli that led us to imagine a path to history and production of extra virgin olive oil.

The project is aimed at organized groups, schools, but also families who have decided to discover the beauty of our land and culture of extra virgin olive oil.

Leafing through the information brochure you will learn the project objectives, then, there will be nothing more than us to book your visit.

On the home site, in addition, will learn about real-time calendar of activities, rich tasting evenings, events and meetings for the promotion of extra virgin olive oil.

Happy Travels!

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