Enjoy the Extra Virgin Olive Oil
The recognized quality extra virgin olive oils is the result of two different orders of investigation: first, the chemical and physical analysis, to verify the actual composition of the oil the other, the organoleptic test that considers the oil in terms of its characteristic smell and taste, assessing strengths and weaknesses.
The preliminary operation consists of placing a small amount of oil (about 20 ml) in a glass and dark-bellied and, keeping covered, trying to bring it to higher temperature.
Then, bringing his glass to his nose, inhaling quickly and deeply, we will set up an olfactory assessment that provides an important assessment on the fragrance oil, immediately revealing the extent of the fruit or the presence of defects such as mold, rancid , Winey, etc..
After the olfactory test done with the gustatory evaluation allows to assess in a more precise all the aromatics in the product (this is several dozen minor compounds, mainly birds), the type and amount depends on the degree of maturation 'Oil and its integrity.
During this examination, a few grams of oil is sprayed in the mouth sucking air, even in stages, with the tongue against the palate and lips slightly open, so that the oil comes into contact with all the taste buds, affecting language , palate, throat and nose, as the perception of the four basic tastes (sweet, salty, sour, bitter) varies in intensity depending on the area of the tongue, palate and throat.
The oil should be kept mouth for a few seconds and then eject it, so you can then evaluate the taste, pleasantness and persistence.
With the Test Panel will evaluate the positive attributes and negative attributes of an oil.
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