The Culture of the Taste

The mark DOP Collina di Brindisi

The Farmers Cooperative Oil Mill Manufacturers of Ostuni with some of its members, produces olive oil with brand recognition "Collina di Brindisi PDO, resulting in a product certificate ...

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Enjoy the extra virgin olive oil

The recognized quality extra virgin olive oils is the result of two different orders of investigation: first, the chemical and physical analysis, to verify the actual composition of the oil ...

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Health at the table

For years the term "Mediterranean diet" is mentioned every time we talk about power. It is probably the most complete and comprehensive response to the food needs of the human ...

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Traceability is the process that identifies the product from farm to table, recording the main information along all the steps, while traceability is the process of reconstructing the history of the product back from the table to the field ...

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