20 enthusiastic and far-seeing producers, three of whom are still producing. The Oleificio Cooperativo Coltivatori Diretti Produttori (Cooperative Oil Mill of Producers Individual Cultivators) was founded on July 11th 1959 in the splendid city of Ostuni, the Mecca for Olive-Trees.
There are 386 current partners; they own 3.800 hectares of land dedicated, for the major part, to the centuries-old olive-trees, unique natural sculptures. They produce 30.000 quintals of olives a year and 6.500 quintals of olive oil, 5.000 of which are extra virgin and around 800 are produced in respect of PDO (protected designation of origin) standards, established by the EU for our olive growing.
Professional pride, traditional heritage, respect for Nature: these are the reasons that still today continue to concern our honest and capable producers, who love their job an their land.

These are the reasons that still continue to solicit the commitment of our honest and dedicated producers, lovers of their work and their Land. . .


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