Extra delicate shampoo

Extra delicate shampoo


200 ml

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The shampoo has been formulated with safe, non-aggressive excipients and is also aimed at people with skin which is morphologically sensitive, or which has been sensitised by the use of unsuitable detergents. Our shampoo meets these requirements and can be used for both the bathroom and the shower; its use is advised for people who wash frequently, for several reasons: intense sporting activity, particularly dirty work environments, etc.
The pH is acidic, respecting the physiological characteristics. Its balanced composition facilitates the restoration of normality in case of redness and leaves the skin velvety and elastic. The use of Extra Virgin Olive Oil as such completes the line treatment against oxidative damage suffered during the day; it also deeply nourishes the scalp, keeping it in good condition and strengthening the hair.
Substances have also been included in the formulation which provide a balm effect: these are raw materials which break down the electrostatic charges to make them easier to comb and give shine to the hair without weighing it down. The fragrance is delicate and does not remain after rinsing.

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