Stick lip balm

Stick lip balm


Stick lip balm 4.5 ml

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From nature, a first aid for dry and dehydrated lips. A soft texture which melts on application, releasing a veil of cream formed by natural butters with emollient, soothing and protective properties. The formula uses vegetable butters and oils with restructuring properties which help keep the delicate labial mucosa soft and hydrated. The presence of a physical filter helps to protect the lips from the harmful action of sunlight.
Contains omega 3-6-9, natural antioxidants and substances which minimise the harmful effects of free radicals. The presence of extra virgin olive oil ensures action “against the signs of ageing” due to the presence of the unsaponifiable fraction of olive oil.
There is no addition of preservatives and parabens and tests on nickel and heavy metals were carried out on the product.

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