Puglia’s Olive Trees

Perfumes, colours and tradition

in each bottle of our oil

We like to think that every trunk of our trees
jealously guards the deepest soul of Puglia. Travel back in time, explore a unique heritage of aromas and flavours and immerse yourself in the history of an old territory like Ostuni: land of ancient olive trees, Trulli, dry stone walls, farms, unexpected landscapes and sunsets with the sea on the horizon.

Hints, colours and traditions enclosed in every bottle of our oil. Among our ancient olive trees, the present is intertwined with the past and reveals the history of Iapigi, Messapi, Romans and the peoples of the Mediterranean who inhabited this land, coming across the pleasures and benefits of olive oil from Puglia.
Some of the millennial olive trees in the Regional Park of the Coastal Dunes, the protected area of the Ostuni territory, come from the time of the Messapians. Carbon 14 analysis has shown that these plants are around 3500 years old: an ancient olive that still represents one of the main riches of Puglia. Through our olives, we are committed to bringing the purest essence of our territory to your table.


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