Extra aftershave

Extra aftershave


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The micro-lesions produced by shaving, both by hand and with an electric razor, generally produce a reddening of the shaved skin, especially if it is particularly irritable. To remedy this inconvenience, it is essential not to use products which contain alcohol because, despite having a mild disinfectant action, they are particularly irritating and highly penetrating. For this reason, alcohol-based aftershaves can lead to contact with the microcirculation and therefore, at a systemic level, to allergenic substances, with consequent irritative and allergenic phenomena. The soothing emulsion aftershave not only does not contain alcohol, but it is also able to provide a restructuring effect thanks to Allantoin, with its well-known healing properties. It also contains Cefaline derived from wheat germ oil, which is capable of accelerating the rate of blood coagulation in skin wounds from 30 to 40% and is therefore extremely effective on small lesions of microcirculation. The extra virgin olive oil, contained in high percentages, has detoxifying and toning properties for the skin. It comes in the form of a light emulsion, which is absolutely not greasy and is readily absorbed, leaving the skin elastic and velvety.

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