Extra face moisturising cream

Extra face moisturising cream


50 ml

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Soft day cream containing a skin-moisturising factor which is naturally present on human skin, consisting of carboxylic Pirrolidon Acid, Urea, Lactic acid, Glucose, Glutamic Acid and Wheat Germ: the mixture of these substances very effectively reconstitutes the hydro-acid coat of the epidermis which is lost in daily contact with the unfavourable external environment. Light and enveloping, it leaves the skin perfectly hydrated and velvety.
Among the active ingredients we find proteins derived from silk (Sericina) which perform a film-forming and moisturising action, without weighing the epidermis down. Ready to absorb, it is non-greasy and does not stick to the skin.
The main lipid component is the highly dermoaffine Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Very useful substances are also the extract of Olive Leaves which, with its polyphenols, is fundamental in counteracting the stressful action of exogenous agents, such as smog, pollution and solar radiation.
It is an ideal treatment for hydrating and protecting all skin types throughout the day.

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