Extra body moisturising cream

Extra body moisturising cream


200 ml

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Created from the need to adequately treat the skin after bathing or showering, this emulsion has a remarkable emollient power; unlike common body emulsions, however, it is not greasy, nor does it weigh down the epidermis, thus leaving the pleasant sensation of cleanliness acquired with cleansing.
The skin needs to restore its physiological balance which has been altered by the use of bath detergents, especially in terms of hydration, acidity and lipid requirements. This fluid cream, with a moderately acidic pH, contains perfectly compatible and highly emollient dermo-affine lipids, such as Sweet Almond Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil containing a high percentage of unsaponifiable fraction. It also contains the Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF), a mixture of components reconstructed on the model of the film which is naturally present on the epidermal surface when it is in an optimal condition. It is based on Wheat Germ (Triticum vulgare) and glucose. Orange blossom distilled water also helps keep the skin hydrated and firm. A fresh and light fragrance completes the formulation.

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