Tanning intensifier

Tanning intensifier


150 ml

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Designed specifically for people who want a tan at all costs, this product is completely free of UV filters.
On the contrary, it contains the tyrosinase bioactivator which stimulates the formation of melanin, allowing the maximum possible tanning in a natural way, and the Natural Moisturising Factor which maintains the right degree of hydration even under the sun’s most aggressive rays.
It can be used by people who have already reached the ideal tan and are no longer afraid of sunburn; but there is a specific use of the product which is really advantageous: it lends itself in an excellent way to people who use UV.A artificial lamps.
In fact, these lamps (whether facial or whole body) exclusively generate UV rays. They do not cause erythema. However, the fact remains that melanin must be adequately produced by the body; this product allows you to obtain a long-lasting and uniform tan in a short time, without having to undergo long sessions under the lamp which – let’s not forget – are in any case harmful to the delicate dermal fibres.

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