Extra face wrinkle cream

Extra face wrinkle cream


50 ml

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To combat wrinkles a constant preventative action is needed; for this reason, it is necessary to intervene until the skin is in excellent condition, so as to guarantee a good condition over time. The anti-wrinkle treatment approach with the continuous use of this highly effective cream helps prevent the onset of wrinkles, smoothing out wrinkles with a progressive regenerating action which helps reduce their appearance and prevent them from becoming more noticeable. All this can be achieved thanks to the work carried out by the presence of natural ingredients such as Ginseng extract (Panax Ginseng C:A: Meyer) in a “physotomised” form, which is linked to phospholipids which allow a slow release (thanks to which the substance acts over a longer time) and, thanks to the membrane affinity, is more available even in the deepest areas of the skin. This effect is enhanced by the presence of Water Liposomes which, for the same mechanism, act to deeply quench the skin of the face affected by wrinkles, making it immediately more elastic and youthful. The antioxidant activity of Vitamin E, present in the form of tocopheryl acetate, allows it to carry out an antiradical action and, in conjunction with Vitamin A (retinil palpitate), to have a preventative effect on the formation of wrinkles due to harmful oxidative phenomena. Everything works in synergy with the extra virgin olive oil, contained here in high concentrations. Shea butter has an emollient and protective effect. The basic components give the cream a shiny appearance, a pleasant softness to the touch and remarkable emollient and normalising properties.

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